Havelock Island

A picture perfect island which has all the ingredients for making a great holiday an unforgettable one!!

About 38 Miles from Port Blair, Havelock island is surrounded by amazing white sandy beaches and great coral reefs. The hub of tourism in the Andamans, Havelock island is undoubtedly a paradise in the blue havens of the Andaman seas!!

All that you desire from your tropical holiday in the Andamans – Havelock Island offers!!
Perfect, clean and pristine beaches, Snorkeling on fish filled coral reefs, Scuba diving, Sports fishing, Jungle trekking, Bird watching, Island camping and a little bit of Surfing too!!

Getting to Havelock Island:

Havelock island is connected with Port Blair via Sea and Air. The most accessible and practical way to get to Havelock is by Inter-island ships that ply regularly between Port Blair and Havelock island several times a day!


Standard Government Ferries:

Operated by the local administration – the standard ferries take about 2 hours 15 mins to get you to Havelock island from Port Blair with an average capacity of around 80 Passengers with basic seating options. Getting a ticket on one of these ferries is generally a challenge in the busy season. You can book a ticket up to 3 days prior to your travel but most people opt to take ticket at the harbor just prior to departure. (This may not be a good idea as most of the tickets are pre-booked).

The main concern for foreign tourist is that they have to present their Resident Area Permit (RAP) at the time of booking of their tickets and hence prior booking is not possible (Sorry!).

Ticket Charges: Rs.190 to Rs.350/-


Government Ferry Timings:


Port Blair to Havelock Island
Departure Arrival
1st 6:15am 8:45am
2nd 11:30am 2:30 am (via Neil island)
3rd 2:00pm 4:15 pm
Havelock Island to Port Blair
Departure Arrival
1st 2:00pm 4:15pm
2nd 2:00pm 4:15pm
3rd 3:00pm 6:00pm (via Neil island)
4th 4:30pm 6:45pm



A privately operated catamaran is a super nice way to get to Havelock island from Port Blair and back. It is a centrally air-conditioned catamaran with a seating capacity of 280 passengers and takes just 90 minutes to reach Havelock island cruising at a speed of around 25 knots. Tickets can be purchased through various booking agents or by contacting the Makruzz office directly on-line.

Ticket Charges: Ranges from Rs. 975/- to Rs.1,600/-


Catamaran Timings:


Port Blair to Havelock Island
Dep – 8:45am Arr – 10:15am
Havelock Island to Port Blair
Dep – 4:00 pm Arr – 5:30 pm


(The operators of the catamaran offer an additional sailing of the cruise between Havelock island and Port Blair in high season – This is at the discretion of the operators and the schedule is uncertain)


Sea Plane: (This service is temperately discontinued by the Operators)

The tourism department operates a 9 seater sea plane inter-island in the Andamans for the locals and tourists. Havelock island is connected twice a day in season by this service. (Important Note: Baggage allowance is only 5 kgs and extra Rs.97 per kg. No big baggage permitted. AND the weather decides the flight)

Ticket Charges: Rs.4,100/- per person


Sea Plane Timings:

Port Blair          to         Havelock Island

Dep – 7:45am                Arr – 08:00am      AND

Dep – 12:30pm              Arr – 12:45pm


Accommodation at Havelock Island:

There is accommodation to suit every taste and budget ranging from basic chicken huts at Rs.500/- a night going up to over Rs.30,000/- a night for Luxury air-conditioned cottages on the sea shore. Google or contact us for more info on the various options and availability!


Moving around Havelock Island:

Buses, auto rickshaws (Tuk-Tuks), private taxis and Jeeps are most common means of public transport around Havelock. You could opt for renting a bicycle for just around Rs.100/- a day or take an automatic scooter for around Rs.300/- to 500/- a day and enjoy the lush green tree covered drives around Havelock roads. (Just mind the potholes and ride carefully to enjoy a safe holiday)


Activities at Havelock Island:

Surrounded with incredible reefs and sandy beaches, Havelock island makes for a great destination for water related sports and activities. The most popular among the tourists are scuba diving, snorkeling, speedboat rides with banana boat rides and water scooters. Sports fishing is offered by a few outfits for some amazing sea fishing.

  1. Scuba Diving: A must for all visitors to the island is a “Discover Scuba Dive” known commonly as “DSD”. Any person over the age of 10 years with good health can do a DSD. With latest equipments and well trained dive masters and instructors, Havelock island has the most number of dive centers in the Andamans. Non swimmers also can experience this wonderful under water world under the guidance of the dive crew. Averaging around Rs.4,000/- per person, a DSD is for the first timers.  Various advance license courses are also offered by the dive centers starting from open water 1st level certification to the top instructor courses.
  2. Snorkeling: For the less adventurous, snorkeling offers a more basic alternative to Scuba Diving. With flotation devices for the non swimmers and good snorkeling set (mask, snorkel and a pair of flippers) one is ready to feel like a fish on the shallow reefs with hundreds of colorful fish and amazing corals all around. The most popular spot for Snorkeling is the Elephant Beach on the west face of Havelock island accessible by boats and also by a trek through the jungle path. The Light house is also a good spot among the many all around the island. Its Important to choose a good operator to go snorkeling to enjoy this to the fullest.
  3. Sports Fishing: The worlds most participated spot – “Fishing” is at its best at Havelock Island. Big and strong fish offer once in a life time fishing experience. Fishermen from all over the world come here to feel the power and the severity of the sea fish in these waters. “Captain Hook’s Sports Fishing is the oldest and the most popular fishing charter outfit on Havelock island with 4 boats to suit all budgets and fishing likes. They have a very experienced crew.(www.andamansportsfishing.com) and offer great fishing. Snorkeling is complimentary on their trips.
  4. Water Scooters and Speed Boats: At the Elephant beach on Havelock island, one can avail the fun rides of water scooters, speed boats and banana boats.

Interesting Facts about Havelock Island:


Population: Although Havelock island has some floating population of workers who are aiding the tourism industry in the season here, the Island has a static population of only around 14,000.

Forest: Havelock island is covered with tropical rain forest of over 80% of is land mass. Only less then 20% is used up by the inhabitants as fields, farms, roads, buildings etc.

Beaches: White, clean and unpolluted – the beaches of Havelock are just perfect!! The beach at Radha Nagar – more popularly known as no.7 beach is one of the top few beaches in the world. The most densely population of Mangrove Mahua trees that make Goliath look like a dwarf make an amazing backdrop for the silver sand that glitters on the shores of turquoise blue crystal clear waters.  There are lovely beaches all around Havelock island – beach no.2, 3, 5 and at Kalla Pathar  – a short drive along the East  shore of Havelock island.

Locals: Havelock island is predominantly populated by the Bangladeshi settlers who were given refuge by the Indian government during the unsettling times of wars in the late 60’s. Given Land and an opportunity to start afresh back then, these 2nd an 3rd generation of simple people are mostly farmers and fishermen who are now waking up to the potential of tourism industry thriving in the island.

Safety (Personal and Property): Havelock island is as safe as it gets for all sexes. Day or night, you can feel safe and comfortable at Havelock island with very friendly and helpful locals. The people of Havelock island respect the space of the tourists. This is a welcome change from most of the other tourist destinations around the world. There have been no reported cases of tourist harassment at Havelock island. The police are very helpful and humble and make the guests feel very comfortable while in the Island. The only major threat to your personal belonging would be ones own carelessness. So do not leave your valuable on the beach and go back to your resort – there is a good chance you may not find it! There is also a good chance that someone will put up a lost and found sign to find the owner!!

Local Culture and Customs: The local Havelock people are mostly Hindus and are very conservative in their approach to social display of intimacy. It is advisable not to be offensive and to respect the local culture. Nudity on the beach or public places is strictly prohibited and one should also dress appropriately while moving around in the island.

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