Captain Hook operates fishing charters around Havelock Island, Andamans. Our aim is to provide you with the best Sea fishing Experience that Andamans has to offer, through the use of Local knowledge of the fishing grounds, tackle, techniques and equipment, combined with stunning locations, outstanding service and great value for money.

Captain Hook provides professional, prompt and reliable service in everything we do. We operate in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner to ensure that all fish caught on board but not meant for immediate consumption are released in excellent condition. We encourage the use of barbless hooks, and make every effort to ensure every survival of every fish.

All the boats of Captain Hook are designed and customized in person by Qutub based on his years of fishing experience and the knowledge of local fishing conditions.

Captain Hook’s charter offers sport fishing- popper fishing for GTs, deep water jigging, bottom fishing and everything in between. Please specify which style of fishing you are interested in and you’ll be presented with all of the trip-options for that type of fishing.